Brenta Dolomites Trek

A different Holiday

A real gift for nature lovers is the institution of the “Brenta Dolomites Trek” a special hiking trail that winds along the most beautiful valleys of the natural park “Adamello Brenta” will take you to spend relaxing days in a beautiful setting.

The track is beaten, and located to the left of the beautiful lake of Molveno, A body of water, in which are reflected, like a naturalistic framework the mountains that surround it. There are two paths established in a circular way and that embrace ideally the mountains that surround it, making spectacular the mountain crossing, and exceedingly accompanied by a wonderful landscape. Meanwhile “Expert” will appeal to those who have practiced Trekking and climbing, and also provides “high flying” housing, while “Country” is rather more simple and suitable for anyone looking simply for a different way of doing outdoor activities.

From our Hotel in the Dolomites you can easily discover the path to Trek the Brenta Dolomites, not only in its sports part but also with the possibility to sleep a day-to-day in the shelters that make up the path of the network. An original way to discover the traditions of Trentino, also from the culinary point of view, which gives importance to the great hospitality side. Among bivouacs and and refuge's you will have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of a unique UNESCO heritage of its kind. Relishing traditions and different customs from yours. Ideal activities for all those who in a Hotel Holiday in Trentino are looking for something special respect as always.