The Canyon Valley

The underground wonders of the Canyon Valley

Val di Non, is located in the northwestern area of Trento, and has recently been renamed the Canyon Valley, for years in fact it has kept hidden to its inhabitants the beautiful underground scenery arisen from the undergrounds unceasing flow of water with its courses, this has allowed the erosin of rocks and shaped the entire valley. Now thanks to the safety applied to the intricate and narrow passages and accompanied by expert guides of the APT offering all the equipment suitable to the excursions, you can discover a fascinating and mysterious world of caves, tunnels, canyons and breathtaking gorges. Comparable to the great American Canyon.


Itineraries organized by the APT since 2002

01. Canyon Rio Sass
02. Parco Fluviale novella
03. Da Sanzeno a San Romedio
04. Cascata di Tret
05. Sentiero del Mondino
06. Canyon di Gorzana
07. Don - San Romedio
08. Canyon di Santa Giustina

Itinerary Canyon Rio Sass, the most affordable.

Among these the Canyon Rio Sass is certainly the richest and most accessible itineraries , Canyon Rio Sass is a deep gorge that the river (from which it is named) has dugged deep and divides in two the village of Fondo. During the excursion which departs from the old town and continues to the lower part of town, you can admire the flora and the fauna of these particular cavity and taste a bit of history continuing with a visit to the ancient water mill still working, and the wash-house, formerly used by the local women to wash clothes.

The Canyon Rio Sass journey lasts about a 1 and a half hour walk and helmet, waterproof jacket and two way radios must be worn: all provided by experienced guides. Come and discover this and other treasures offered in Trentino. Among the the Hotels in Val di Non, we recommend our Hotel in Cavareno “HOTEL ROSA” which is for the location and the services the most suitable for living a real adventure between nature and history.