Natural Park Adamello Brenta

Hotel Rosa in the nature park Adamello Brenta

A unique natural park that is for anyone a relaxing atmosphere, this you can find in trentino, Adamello Brenta Nature Park stretches from the Val di Non, the Giudicarie and the Val di Sole. Just a few steps from the “Hotel Rosa”, a warm and cosy Hotel that will make you spend a dream vacation.

The park, which has been working for years to protect the quality of waters of the many streams and many lakes in the area, gives, for those who want to visit, unforgettable sensations. Total silence accompanied only by the chirping of birds, from the flow of the waters of the streams and the gentle sound of wind against the leaves of the trees, they give a moment of total solitude away from all daily noise, Adamello Brenta nature park is inhabited by several species and breeds of animals characteristic of the Alps such as the brown bear symbol of the park and saved from certain extinction, badger, fox, marten and many others. Also rich in various species of trees, the park is absolutely not comparable with others, if not always with some belonging to the alpine zone.

Located in the Val di Non area, is the “Hotel Rosa” a very good 3star hotel to spend your holidays to the insignia of total relax, warm, bright and welcoming, typical flavors of Trentino, surrounded by lots of greenery and beautiful views of the Brenta Dolomites. These are the main features that the “Hotel Rosa” offers to its clients to give a dream vacation.