Castle Thun

Between magic and history of castles in trentino

Castle Thun in Val di Non is one of the most beautiful and impressive buildings of the valley, and certainly worth a visit during your excursions among the castles of the Tentino. The castle belonged to one of the most powerfull and famous families in the region. The THUN family, some descendants of the family still live in some cities of Trentino and Lombardy.

The castle only became visitable in 2010 after a long period of restoration. Castle Thun currently houses the museum of the Castle of Buonconsiglio which is in Trento. The castle consists of three towers with gothic style roof. And a drawbridge with a moat and five majestic towers. The visitors are accompanied to an input consisting of a roof supported by 18 stone columns. Various stylistic influences are owed to the present appearance of the castle, ranging from '300 to 600': one of the most famous area for example is the Bishop's room, inspired to the sixteenth-century and furnished completly in wood. But very special is also the library tower, where more than 10,000 volumes of books are hosted.

Among the Hotels in Val di Non, the Hotel Rosa is one of the most suitable for a comfortable excursion to Castle Thun, given its priviliged position within a walking distance to all the beauty of the surroundings. And will allow you to live the fascinating and regal atmosphere whenever you want. Among other rooms in the castle there is one dedicated to S.George. Home of a tempera decoration from a Bressanone school, more precisely from one of Jacopo Sunter student' s. The castle chapel also dedicated to the saint is enrichened by a series of frescoes of the german school, which soften the austere atmosphere.