The S. Romedio Sanctuary

The Sanctuary and its churches

Positioned on top of a high ramming about 70 meter's high, is the Sanctuary of “S,Romedio” in Val di Non, this is now one of the most sought-out destinations of the religious tourism, which testifies, with peculiarities of its history and its location, the deep faith of this land which traces its christian roots since the Middle Ages a few km from the town of Sanzeno, the Sanctuary of San Romedio is a short distance from “Hotel Rosa” a 3 star Hotel in Trentino. Here you can find peace and relax in the heart of the Dolomites, a good place for people to stay and learn the curious and interesting signs of this land.

How to get to S,Romedio and what to visit

The shrine of S,Romedio can be reached by foot in two ways, eather a walk through the woods from the village of “Don” following the signs of the trail, or with a very striking walk that from “Sanzeno” through a path carved into the rock that reaches the Sanctuary, but we must be willing to walk for about 2,5 km, alternatively you can follow driving directions or take advantage of the shuttle bus, this only in summer, The S,Romedio Sanctuary is open to visitors all through the year, and you can partecipate inside to a Holy Mass, by a path of 131 steps you will reach a rocky summit, where we find 7 small churches built in different times, with stunning frescoes, votive paintings, wood sculptures and relics of the saint these are perfectly conserved and have an air of wealth and high glamour.

I In a dedicated area, in collaboration with the Adamello Brenta Naturale Park, are Hosted some native bears, in memory of the legend involing S,Romedio, who was here to retire as a hermit. And that we will leave you the pleasure of discovering.