Lake Tovel

Excursions in Val di Non

Among the routes in Trentino not to miss, a special mention deserves the “Lake Tovel” a few steps from our Hotel in Val di Non: This is one of the most famous stretches of water in the area, especially becouse of the phenomenon of some particular types of of alg, in fact, Lake Tovel until a few years ago was coloured a deep purple on the surface, and this, especially in the fall, gave the surroundings an impressive and unique charm.

In the heart of the National Adamello Brenta Park, the lake is still the destination for tourists in search of a natural paradise to discover: surrounded by dense woods, as if to protect him, and mirrored in its clear waters to offer an exceptional blow to the eye. Beautiful backdrops of placid stroll's in the shade, Lake Tovel is also ideal for hiking and mountain biking lovers, who can devote part of their routes to this enchanted place: along the lakeshore it will be pleasant to lie down for a moment and find unique relax with only the twittering of the birds, and pampered by nature. A curiosity, the presence along the shores of the lake is that you can find some bears, so that the lake is often called “The Lake of the Bears” but remember that your safety is insured. Here you will have the opportunity to see one of the most imposing and majestic animals who live in the woods of the Val di Non.

Our 3-star Hotel in Trentino will be the most convenient and comfortable base to enjoy this trip in nature, and will give you when you return the right dose of relaxation to recharge the batteries for the best view of a new day of adventures.